lee hyori – chitty chitty bang bang music vid

lee hyori is an alien.  i already knew that. it is a little-known fact that the entire country of korea is of extraterrestrial origins and the plotline of the tv show “out of this world” was ripped from the annals of korean intergalactic history.

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hot k-rap single: no cool im sorry


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snsd/ke$ha controversy

there’s been some confusion over snsd’s new single “run devil run.” “people” were claiming that it was stolen from ke$ha.

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korean fashion

My favorite trends I’ve been noticing on the streets of K-town are: 1. A GIANT shirt with a ridiculously cute or cartoony print on the front such as, a kitten crying with the caption ‘i lost my heart’ or a puppy eating a bow with the caption ‘i can’t stop loving.’ 2. A tiny ponytail [...]

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Forever H.O.T.

In 1996, something psycho happened. It was the first time that SM Entertainment, known today for spawning Girls’ Generation and S.E.S., donned their sorcerer’s capes and conjured up pure evil. Delving into the Korean mega-shadow, they unleashed a darkest magic: High… Five… of Teenagers. Techno, bubblegum, death rock and hip-hop? Yes! And classical, goth, industrial [...]

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Wonder Girls @ 2010 Korean Music Festival

Here they are! The perfect retro-glam cuties to test our new hd flip cam on.

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kpop flashback #1 – s.e.s.

a south korean satellite in deep space circa 1997 made earth’s first contact with azn style aliens: sea, eugene and shoo. in 2002, earth’s connection to planet s.e.s. was disrupted by a sudden rift in hyperspace. all that remains are our memories and these beautiful audio/visual artifacts.

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b2st @ korea times music fest

beast (b2st) has been added to the may 1st line-up. ‘everyday i shock! everynight i shock!’ cant wait. fanart from luluworld

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korea times music festival ’10

i just bought tix to the 8th annual korean music festival at the hollywood bowl. they’ve announced the following artists so far: Choi Sung-Soo, 2PM, Wonder Girls, HAHA(MC), Leessang, Kim Jong-Kook, Yoon Soo-Il, and Kim Yun-Ja. more artists will be announced tonight. if you’re going to buy tickets, i recommend calling one of the numbers [...]

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