Forever H.O.T.

In 1996, something psycho happened. It was the first time that SM Entertainment, known today for spawning Girls’ Generation and S.E.S., donned their sorcerer’s capes and conjured up pure evil. Delving into the Korean mega-shadow, they unleashed a darkest magic: High… Five… of Teenagers. Techno, bubblegum, death rock and hip-hop? Yes! And classical, goth, industrial [...]

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kpop flashback #1 – s.e.s.

a south korean satellite in deep space circa 1997 made earth’s first contact with azn style aliens: sea, eugene and shoo. in 2002, earth’s connection to planet s.e.s. was disrupted by a sudden rift in hyperspace. all that remains are our memories and these beautiful audio/visual artifacts.

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