More Kandi :D

We’re on the front page of! Right there on the bottom.

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Kandii Update

We did it! We made all these kandii cuffs! Go to or youtube (duh :p ) for tutorials if you’re down to make some. Tip: tighten the elastic string every time you put a bead on. You don’t have to keep it super tightened the whole time, just make sure to tug at it. [...]

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Omg. Margot has gotten me into making Kandi bracelets. We found the most awesome website,, probably the most awesome website ever besides this one They have so many patterns and tutorials. Check out all these amazing bracelets! Don’t mind her cat. That’s just her cat. So we’re going to watch Veronica Mars right now [...]

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New Age Party Music #2

Post-rave techno party hosted by Bene.

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