Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2012 Recap

Renaissance Faire Buds

The first day of Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2013 is upon us. To celebrate, I’m finally posting our Ren Faire photos from a YEAR ago lol. Ren Faire game faces: on.   This guy is killing it from head to toe.   This was an amazing free form battle. I can’t believe we got to witness [...]

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highlights from renfair 2010

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

this year’s renaissance faire was WEIRD! and awesome of course. when we first walked in, we were bombarded with authentical craftery and merry-making. this one lord showed us how to make cool bracelets and traditional clown wenches pleased us with their plentiful bounties. as we quested deeper into the faire, things got nigh freakier. everyone [...]

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