Game Manuals: Ultimate Fantasy Literature?


Fantasy literature did not appeal to me at all when I was younger. It was annoying to have to sort through books about unicorns and castles when I was just trying to find a book about hive mind aliens and putting the internet into a female human body. (image via science fiction universe) But now [...]

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blizzard unveils female worgen

i really didn’t know what to expect with the lady worgen aka hairy dog lady. but this is awesome. i can’t wait to skin leather with my bare paws.

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Worgen’s of Warcraft

Blizzard is coming out with the third expansion to World of Warcraft (Cataclysm) and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to play the new Worgen race. Worgens are like lycans. Lycans are humans that are corrupt and with the power of darkness are magically transformed into werewolves. Werewolves are awesome because they can be found [...]

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